Early protoypes of the Mwabwindo Series/ Courtesy of Christ & Gantenbein

Mwabwindo Series by Christ & Gantenbein

The Basel-based architecture and design firm Christ & Gantenbein has been commissioned by Design Miami/ to design the Mwabwindo Series of furniture for donation to the Mwabwindo School. Based on a simple vernacular object, the child-size stools and tables in this set are made of wooden blocks held together by long cylindrical wooden pegs, without the use of hardware or glue.

The fabrication of the pieces will support the Zambian economy, using local fabrication of the wooden elements and locally available woods delivered for final assembly by members of the Mwabwindo community. A simple interlocking system allows the furniture to be arranged in different configurations, adapting to the various needs of the curriculum. 

Prototypes of the Mwabwindo Series are installed at Design Miami/. The layout features many of the different configurations made possible by the furniture’s flexible design: cross shape, square shape, single long row, and more.