Camp Design Gallery presents Residual Time Energy Blowout by David Lindberg

Camp Design Gallery presents a solo show by David Lindberg, a collection commissioned by the gallery on the occasion of Design Miami/ 2017. In Residual Time Energy Blowout, imagination and engineering are melded in a unique inquiry: a continual variation focused on light, color, and transparency with formless, glowing shades. Light plays a key role in these works—here we find the electrical element itself. The electromorphism is tangible and the resin, with its fluid consistency and its irregular course, faithfully expresses the wave transmission characteristic of electric energy. A series of grids of LED bulbs are attenuated by the colored layer of resin, which the artist imposes on it as a filter.

Camp Design Gallery, Milan, specializes in collectible contemporary design that aims to investigate material culture, renewing the concept of design and production beyond the canonical limits of art and design in the name of unique works, exclusive and different. The gallery is based on the collaboration between Beatrice Bianco and Valentina Lucio, who, after several years of experience at Italian and international galleries, from 2015 undertook a common path: more personal and free interpretation on contemporary design collectibles. Their work is based on research, experimentation, and contamination of contemporary codes and languages that results in unique design objects born from the collaboration of international designers and artists. “Camp is primarily a way to enjoy things, to appreciate them, not to judge them,” writes Gillo Dorfles.