Louis Vuitton/ Objets Nomades

Objets Nomades is an ever-expanding collection of limited-edition, collectible furniture inspired by Louis Vuitton’s historic Art of Travel campaign, while reinterpreting its essential spirit. Driven by creativity, functionality, and innovation for more than 160 years, Louis Vuitton has constantly anticipated fashion and kept pace with evolving lifestyles. This combination of the house’s savoir faire and the talents of renowned designers has created inventive shapes, materials, and products—a tradition that continues with the Objets Nomades.

For Design Miami/, Louis Vuitton presents an exclusive edition of the cloudlike Bomboca Sofa by Fernando and Humberto Campana. This modular sofa is made of a rigid shell covered with the same leather used by Louis Vuitton for its bags and cushions, featuring textured fabrics and velvet in five shades of blue and turquoise.

Other Objets Nomades presented for the first time in Miami include Atelier Oï’s Swing Boat and Belt Chair, Patricia Urquiola’s Palaver Chair, India Mahdavi’s Talisman Table, and Marcel Wanders’s Lune Chair and Diamond Screen. With their shared sense of intuitiveness, desire, and pleasure, the Objets Nomades continue Louis Vuitton’s tradition of offering inspiring and surprising designs anchored in evolving visions of travel.