The Design Talks Theater is characterized by an amber-gold, warm atmosphere that invites visitors to join in an impromptu arrangement of soft, geometric seats that are moveable to adjust to the interest of the moment. The cushioned seating and other furniture elements feature supple renditions of geometric basics or combinations thereof: a curved and arched bench, a rectangular pod, free-rolling spheres, a cylindrical lectern, and small, quarter-circular grandstands. The theater is designed to highlight the exchange of ideas, the nonhierarchical arrangement of seating inviting participation, debate, and close listening.

The Design Talks Theater stars a number of elements of vastly different shapes and looks, from sliding seats and rolling spheres to engaging speakers, all populating a single stage. The theater’s layout is directed by purpose: a lecture or discussion attracts an audience and their seats respectively, forming spheres of interest. The room is nondirectional, as each boundary replicates the image of what lies behind it. A continuous arcade of amber mirrors reflects the rest of the room indefinitely, so speakers and listeners are multiplied and each wittingly or unwittingly involved in the spectacle.

Design Talks Theater is presented by LOT office for architecture with OBJECTS OF COMMON INTEREST in partnership with Maharam and with the kind support of aamsco, Bolon, Propylaea, Röchling, and Technogel. Lighting design is by MAP Studio.